5'5" Baldwin grand piano

 5'5" Baldwin grand piano 


Beautifully restored Baldwin 5'5" grand piano, Serial #37676 This piano was professionally restored by the Piano Factory , This particular piano is very unique due to the fact it has three sets of three legs with exquisite veneer work through out the piano, even the bench has match book veneer work in diagonal direction on the top to give it a very beautiful look. All of the casters, ferrules , hinges, and are solid brass, which has been hand polished and sprayed to keep them looking beautiful for many years. The key tops are solid ivory which gives very nice feel when playing. Most people don't realize how much nicer the feel of ivory is over plastic until they have tried it.

 The Piano has been completely refinished with all new cabinet felt, rubber buttons, and replacement of the original key cover decal. Inside the piano has all new strings, tuning pins, pin-block material. The piano plate, or harp was removed and refinished along with refinishing the sound board. The inside looks as good as the cabinet. New damper felt was installed along with new hammers hammer shanks and back check leather. The piano action has been regulated to a very easy touch , which is truly a pleasure to play. The tone is remarkable and can only be compared to the higher quality and priced pianos made today. If your looking for a great playing and sounding grand you owe it to yourself to look at this piano before buying a higher priced one. Warranted. 

Priced at $11,500.00

1921 Weber Duo-Art reproducing grand


Exquisite Weber Duo-art electric reproducing grand pianos, manufactured by the Aeolian company, once graced the Mussolini palace in Rome and the Elysee palace of the President of France. The Duo-art has also graced the White House during the presidency of Warren G. Harding . The worlds foremost composers, such as the great Paderewski, Josef Hofmann, Howard Bauer, and Victor Herbert recorded on rolls cut exclusively for Duo-art reproducing pianos, thereby preserving their mastery of the art for generations to come. In the heyday of the reproducing piano, Aeolian Hall in New York City was regularly packed with patrons who came to marvel at Weber grands, ( rival of the great Steinways }, playing center stage while being accompanied by leading conductors such as Leopold Stokowsky with the Philadelphia Symphony Orchestra. This particular Weber Duo-Art reproducing grand piano was built in 1920, serial # 76007. These were the days when electricity was scarce and automobiles were cheep. To afford such a luxury was only for the affluent and wealthy. 

Priced at $21,695.00

1878 Weber 6'3" grand


This very beautiful 1879 rosewood grand was made in the days when pride of workmanship and quality of materials were the main issues. The workmanship in the carvings and the matching of wood makes any craftsman of today appreciate such an art. The legs and lyre are all hand carved front and back from solid rosewood.. The wood used was from the very early 1800's and was from trees that were growing long before the United States ever existed. Now days this wood is restricted from harvesting and wood of this quality is no longer available

This piano is not only a conversation piece for its cabinetry, it is also a wonderful instrument and a family heirloom that will live on for many generations to come. The design, hand carvings, and materials will never be duplicated . Each leg is a massive hand carved work of art by itself.

I was told by the previous owners that this piano was originally owned by the conductor of the Newark symphony orchestra, however ,I have not been able to substansiate this . I do know that whoever owned it in the past treasured it and took very good care of it.

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1918 Emerson player piano walnut finish

Baldwin upright grand #9075, built in 1900...solid oak cabinet w/bench...refinished  restrung...action recondition w/ new hammers,dampers, springs , felts and bridal straps...
five year warranty on parts and labor